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Rules of the Forum! MUST READ! (Updated as of 9/21/10)

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Rules of the Forum! MUST READ! (Updated as of 9/21/10)

Post by El3mentGamer on Sat Sep 11, 2010 7:13 pm

The following rules are for the Brink Fan Forum. We are, in no way, affiliated with Bethesda Studios or Splash Damage. This forum is purely fan made.

You must follow these rules if you are registered to this site. It is your responsibility as a member to read the rules set forth by this site's staff/owner or other person of higher authority.

Rules are as follows:
Regarding changes to the rules/guidelines:
1. All new rules and guidelines must be approved by an admin before being allowed into the site rules.

Things that are prohibited:
1. Do not flame or troll here.
2. You may not insult other ethnic groups or religions.
3. You may not flame/harass any other member on this site, under any circumstances.
4. You may not advertise on this site.
5. You may not double post, but bumping is allowed. (Double posting is posting twice in a row very quickly, whereas bumping is commenting in a topic a while later, maybe days or sometimes hours, to draw attention to the topic.)
6. Pornographic content. This includes hentai, etc.

Things that are allowed:
1. You may use curse words as long as they are in moderation and are not directed toward any person on this site, ethnic group, or religion.
2. Always use common courtesy and common sense.

Your responsibilities:
1. You must always respect other members.
2. You must always respect staff and do as they say.
3. You are to read the rules. (If you're reading this, then mission accomplished.)
4. You are to follow the rules at all times on this site.

Failure to follow the rules as specified above will result in action being taken by the staff against you. You may be warned, temporarily banned, permanently banned, or some other form of action may be taken.

Rules are subject to change without notice.

Rules updated: 9/21/10

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